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The LPIC2 Exam Prep

8th edition β, for version 4.5

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"The former https://lpic2... URL might no longer be available."

Written, updated and reviewed by many past and present colleagues @ Sue B.V., Geldermalsen, The Netherlands.

Donated in 2021 to the community for many more updates and reviews.

Copyright © 2001-2021 Sue B.V. - Open Sourced 2021


  • Audience: this book is intended to help people prepare for the LPIC-2 exam. You will need to have at least 2 years of practical experience with Unix, preferably Linux. Though you may take the LPIC-2 exam without it, you should be an LPIC-1 alumnus to be allowed to the titles and rights that come with the LPIC-2 certification.

  • Approach: We wanted to create a set of documents that could help us and others to pass the LPIC-2 exams. This book contains all the information (and more) needed to pass the exam.

  • Sources: Our sources of information were partly acquired from material on the Internet. Also practical experience of the authors and others and research done by the authors are to be credited. We try to give credit where due, but are fallible. We apologize.


While every precaution was made in the preparation of this book, we can assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. When you feel we have not given you proper credit or feel we may have violated your rights or when you have suggestions how we may improve our work please notify us immediately creating an issue on the GitHub repository so corrective action can be taken.

Organization of this book: This book has been organized to follow the Linux Professional Institute level 2 objectives for LPIC-2 certification revision 4.5.0 of February 13th, 2017. The detailed objectives are available via and .

In case new objectives are published, the book will follow shortly thereafter.

The editors used Markdown as markup language for this book, and Pandoc as converter.