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System Startup (202)

This topic has a total weight of 9 points and contains the following 3 objectives:

Objective 202.1 Customizing SysV-init system startup (3 points)

  • Candidates should be able to query and modify the behaviour of system services at various run levels. A thorough understanding of the init structure and boot process is required. This objective includes interacting with run levels.

Objective 202.2 System recovery (4 points)

  • Candidates should be able to properly manipulate a Linux system during both the boot process and during recovery mode. This objective includes using both the init utility and init-related kernel options. Candidates should be able to determine the cause of errors in loading and usage of bootloaders. GRUB version 2 and GRUB Legacy are the bootloaders of interest.

Objective 202.3 Alternate Bootloaders (2 points)

  • Candidates should be aware of other bootloaders and their major features.