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Linux Kernel (201)

This topic has a total weight of 9 points and contains the following three objectives:

Objective 201.1: Kernel Components (weight: 2)

  • Candidates should be able to utilize kernel components that are necessary to specific hardware, hardware drivers, system resources and requirements. This objective includes implementing different types of kernel images, understanding stable and longterm kernels and patches, as well as using kernel modules.

Objective 201.2: Compiling a Linux kernel (weight: 3)

  • Candidates should be able to properly configure a kernel to include or disable specific features of the Linux kernel as necessary. This objective includes compiling and recompiling the Linux kernel as needed, updating and noting changes in a new kernel, creating an initrd image and installing new kernels.

Objective 201.3: Kernel runtime management and troubleshooting (weight: 4)

  • Candidates should be able to manage and/or query a 2.6.x, 3.x or 4.x kernel and its loadable modules. Candidates should be able to identify and correct common boot and run time issues. Candidates should understand device detection and management using udev. This objective includes troubleshooting udev rules.